Sunday, December 21, 2008

Working on the Go?

It can be difficult to keep all of your info in the same place. I know for myself, I’m bouncing between my home desktop, a laptop and my office desktop. Trying to keep files organized is a pain, even with 3 USB memory sticks. Here’s a great solution that I came across and have been using –!

When I didn’t have a laptop and was going between 2 desktops, my fear was always losing my memory stick somewhere. I even got worried when I lost the cover for one of them – yes, that’s a bit extreme. But here’s what I’ve done. If I know I’m going to at my desk for a while, I’ll bring the USB, once I’m done everything gets backed up on’s server.

Ditch your thumbdrive for simpler

I’m impressed. It’s pretty cheap for a secure storage plan that gives you additional perks. I haven’t used these yet, but thought you might be interested:

• Sending large files via email.
• Sharing photos or private documents with family or friends.
• Backing up important files to protect them from a computer crash or virus.
• file hosting
• file sharing
• secure file sharing
• internet backup
• online backup
• online storage
• send large files
• remote storage

If you’re in a jam, and have trouble organizing and using your files on multiple computers like I do – or need to send email private docs or share hi-res pictures, is the place to do it all. Check it out, my annual fees were less than buying another USB memory stick (and I needed one any way).

Best of wealth!

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