Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Threadless Co-Founders: Just get it done

Great takeaways from this video. Its a good example of following your passion and really getting larger results than expected. Personally, I'm glad to hear them speak about the people they have added to their team. "Keep it Scrappy" to them is keeping the corporate culture in sync.

Good work Jeffery, Jake and Threadless Team.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Good Foundation

A good foundation makes the difference, majority of the mass of plants is below the surface with its root strucuture. In our area, there are a few places where the sidewalk has cracked because of the pressure of the strong growing tree roots.

These trees grow higher than the houses, and are stable because of their root system.

Lets take this concept and say you are trying to build a fast car, with budget not being the primary option, which car would you choose to start with as your foundation for a championship race car?

I understand the aftermarket car market enough to grasp the appeal of the Honda Civic. It is affordable, has numerous parts and modifications available, and has a strong community of Civic owners.
However, if we look at the 'total investment' after all that work has been done, I feel there are some better options out there.

Be smart with your time and money, it makes more sense (and cents) to invest in something quicker. A good buy would be the last body style of the BMW M3. Its slightly higher than the civic upfront, however, there are no mods needed to keep you quicker than the civic.

My intentions are not to slander Civics or their owners, I apperciate the work put into their cars and the results are very often a masterpiece. The illustration is to show the ultimate car for your buck.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Inspire Yourself with Motivational Music! Sweet Caroline

Traditions are had to break. Typically, they have strong meanings and they bring back very fond memories. Like we mentioned about Queen - We are the champions in an earlier post, when you hear the song you can easily recognize the tune and know what is going on.

A perfect example; every home game, Red Sox Nation collectively signs Sweet Caroline. Neil Diamond performed following the Boston Red Sox most recent World Series Championship.

Another motivating song, hope it puts a smile on your face.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ghost Town

Foundation in place, increditble content and you've got no traffic.

Lets fix your site - 3 basics that you can do quickly and easily moving forward!

Keep the content coming, Google loves fresh content! Make sure that all content is relevant. If you had to choose a general theme or describe what you've got to offer, it needs to be simple.

Moolah: Success, Motivation & Personal Development.

That's mooooolah in a nut shell.

Everything is related to one or more of those topics. We're not trying to confuse anyone or disappoint our readers when they arrive.

Link Back to your relevant topics. Comment on other's blogs which have the same or similar topic. Create a network.

As dumb as this may seem at first it makes sense online just like it does in life. You wouldn't want to go and play soccer with a bunch of people who don't have the slightest clue about the sport. You would much rather play with others of the same caliber. Same is true for your site.

Utilize your meta tags or labels. This will make is easier to find certain topics and further specify about your content. Many times, I'll use catchy titles that may not reflect the topic because I'm using a common analogy - something that more people can relate to. A perfect example is this blog entry: Ghost Town We're taking a common idea and relating it to lacking amounts of visitors to your site.

Keep it fresh and relevant. Your readers will come, and your success will grow!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Schedule = Dishes?

After washing the dishes after dinner and placed them into the drying rack, I was reminded of a story I was told years back. By the way, that image is not my sink - didn't want to you have second thoughts if you we're invited over for dinner.

A science teacher was demonstrating volume to his class. He put a 3 Gallon glass beaker on the podium and started his lesson by filling it with rocks. When the level of rocks reached the top of the beaker, he asked his class, "do you all agree that the beaker is full?"
"Yes," responded the class.

The teacher then pulled out a container full of gravel and poured in on top of the rocks. The gravel went into the spaces between the rocks.
He then asked his class, "do you all agree that the beaker is full?"
"Yes," responded the class.

Then the teacher brought out a bucket of sand and proceeded to pour it into the beaker filling the spaces between the rocks and gravel.

Again,he asked his class, "do you all agree that the beaker is full?"
Now catching on, "No," responded the class.

To finalize his point, the teached brought out a pitcher of water and poured it in, truly filling all remaining spaces in the beaker.

"If the water had gone in first, there would not be space for the rest of the items," Explained the teacher, "If we added anything more, the water would overflow."

Putting the dishes on the drying rack made me think of this and how scheduling is so important. If the big, important items, like pots and pans aren't put in first, the glasses won't have space to dry. Just like scheduling your day, if you don't put the big items in as priority, its easy to waste a day. I know I've found myself in this position where it seems like its been a busy day, however, at 5pm, the major things on my check list haven't been touched.

With effective use of your schedule, I believe you can really stretch the productive time in your day.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Celebrate the Holidays!

The holiday season is just around the corner and our Christmas Tree is up. Its always nice to have the tree up and decorated.

I think this is something relevant or similar to what you can do with your career : Celebrate!

Celebration, typically, brings out the best in people and that's exactly what you should be doing all the time. If you can be like that around colleagues and clients, you'll have a great time and probably have better results than usual.

Keep in mind to celebrate while you're marketing or branding. Bring the enthusiam to what you're putting your efforts towards.

Happy Holidays! Look forward to Santa coming in a few short weeks

Nice Ass!!

Alright, alright, I'm thinking the same thing you are. She's got the nice ass; not, the girl with the cute butt is pulling a nice ass. Anyway, its got your attention; this brings up a couple of topics:

Be Cautious of Perception: Sometimes you message may not be heard quite the same as you intended. Is it still clear enough for your point to be made? That's something all PR people have to be very concerned with. I think it should be the same for all of us when communicating. We don't need a license to talk, but we should be aware of it.

Publicity is All Good: I remember the first time Donald Trump was in the news for bankruptcy and the quote, "Even negative publicity is still publicity." It has stuck with me and of course is true. Getting your name in people's homes works. "Nice Ass" is not quite what you were expecting in this article, but it somehow has worked.

Right now, we can't get enough of Tiger Woods in the news with his Escalade Accident and his recent uncovered transgressions. As tough as it is right now for the biggest golfer in the world, its still gaining him huge publicity, even leaving this weekend's tourney in the shadows.

Well, thanks for reading this post on Mooooolah, back to your searching for a Nice Ass!