Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Good Foundation

A good foundation makes the difference, majority of the mass of plants is below the surface with its root strucuture. In our area, there are a few places where the sidewalk has cracked because of the pressure of the strong growing tree roots.

These trees grow higher than the houses, and are stable because of their root system.

Lets take this concept and say you are trying to build a fast car, with budget not being the primary option, which car would you choose to start with as your foundation for a championship race car?

I understand the aftermarket car market enough to grasp the appeal of the Honda Civic. It is affordable, has numerous parts and modifications available, and has a strong community of Civic owners.
However, if we look at the 'total investment' after all that work has been done, I feel there are some better options out there.

Be smart with your time and money, it makes more sense (and cents) to invest in something quicker. A good buy would be the last body style of the BMW M3. Its slightly higher than the civic upfront, however, there are no mods needed to keep you quicker than the civic.

My intentions are not to slander Civics or their owners, I apperciate the work put into their cars and the results are very often a masterpiece. The illustration is to show the ultimate car for your buck.