Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ghost Town

Foundation in place, increditble content and you've got no traffic.

Lets fix your site - 3 basics that you can do quickly and easily moving forward!

Keep the content coming, Google loves fresh content! Make sure that all content is relevant. If you had to choose a general theme or describe what you've got to offer, it needs to be simple.

Moolah: Success, Motivation & Personal Development.

That's mooooolah in a nut shell.

Everything is related to one or more of those topics. We're not trying to confuse anyone or disappoint our readers when they arrive.

Link Back to your relevant topics. Comment on other's blogs which have the same or similar topic. Create a network.

As dumb as this may seem at first it makes sense online just like it does in life. You wouldn't want to go and play soccer with a bunch of people who don't have the slightest clue about the sport. You would much rather play with others of the same caliber. Same is true for your site.

Utilize your meta tags or labels. This will make is easier to find certain topics and further specify about your content. Many times, I'll use catchy titles that may not reflect the topic because I'm using a common analogy - something that more people can relate to. A perfect example is this blog entry: Ghost Town We're taking a common idea and relating it to lacking amounts of visitors to your site.

Keep it fresh and relevant. Your readers will come, and your success will grow!

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