Monday, December 22, 2008

JUMP!! On to trends in the marketplace!

With 2009 looming over our heads, its time for the annual list of New Year’s Resolutions! Here’s the top 5 according to US Government research, all accompanied by places or things that I would personally jump on to achieve your goal!

1) Lose Weight: Of course! Never fails to make the list. As more research is coming out, we find that there is more studies (and results) showing that working out in combination with eating right and taming your metabolism is the best route to go. I would suggest starting here: which is a great online mall of health, nutrition, weight-loss and sports focused food and supplements. From there, get on an exercise plan that suits you – don’t give up!

2) Managing Debt: Personally I’m never happy to see this on the list. Every year it appears, and it seems that most people are in a much worse financial situation that they were the previous year. My advice – make more money! Counter-act the debt toll with a healthy injection of cash! I would look into many of the programs listed on one of my favorites is Huey Lee’s No Monkey Business! Check it out.

3) Save / Make More Money: Similar to the one above; however, these people are the ones I like. They are willing to show that they need and want to do more with their life and financial situation. With the global financial situation, it might be hard to create and save more money by getting that promotion or finding a new job as most companies are crunching down on their budgets and downsizing. However, the good news comes from the mass population! With all the reports of spending going to be at an all time low, majority of people kept spending – so take advantage of that. I think doing it online is the way to go as the percentage of high-speed internet users is consistently on the rise. For more info on trends in the marketplace check out Harry Dent Jr’s website, and for a way to capitalize on people’s spending, check out the buzzz on some business opportunities.

4) Get a better Job: Just covered it all above – keep your options open, and don’t be afraid to do something on top of your job. There is a lot out there!

5) Get Fit: And have fun while you’re doing it. There is no better feeling while working out. If you can, get involved in some recreational team sports. Something as simple as Ultimate Frisbee or Dodgeball, surprisingly gets you moving a lot with out really thinking about it.

No matter what the case is, the trends are out there for you to make some extra money, hopefully leading to you having a financial dynasty! Make sure to stay current with what’s happening, and how people are thinking especially in your definitions, keyword research, titles, etc. Take the time to really look at the keyword research: here’s a great resource for you to check out. shows the different trends between websites, and how to pass your competition!

Best of wealth!

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