Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Shine Through the Clutter

Gain inches here, lose inches there, the level of spam out there is amazing. Remember there are people out there who do want to gain those inches, and others who do want to lose pounds. So, please understand your market for your product or service. The difference in savings by targeting is huge!

How do you make a name for yourself? How do you build a subscriber base? How do you turn those subscribers into income? I was reading a great article about personal branding, and I think it really applies here. Web 2.0 allows us to each become a media source if we choose to, but just like spam, make sure your niche matches the audience you’re targeting.

Feedback is usually critical, but if you are only getting negative feedback because of the opinion or stance of your product, then its time to take a different angle. Lets be proactive, and do that research before launching all efforts in a particular direction.

Using tools like Constant Contact, iContact or Sales in a Click to blast emails are fantastic, but just like a loaded gun, be careful and don’t point it where it shouldn’t. Use the tools for exposure, and marketing, but aim to please – try to be the bright spot through the clutter. People have so much choice, create the pull so they will chose you!

Best of Wealth

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