Saturday, December 20, 2008

No Monkey Business!

Of the numerous sites out there that label themselves as 'the program' which will teach you how to take advantage of money making opportunities online, very few can go beyond the basics.

After looking at A LOT and giving a few a try, I have stumbled, quite literally, on no-monkey-business. The first differnce for me was on the home page, and huey's message.

As I mentioned in the first posting in the MOOOOOLAH blog, I, like huey, have tried many different ways to generate income online and have found a great fit working online.

Second is his affiliates area. If you have already been working as an affiliate, you will appreciate the tools which he lays out for you.

Third is his constant expansion of the program. If there is something new, he'll figure it out and post video tutorials or webinars on the subject.

Fourth, is the branding. With my work experience, no-monkey-business actually has a proper logo, thus brand appeal! I know this seems slightly ridiculous, but its the icing on the cake for me!

All in all, it is quite a complete package that isn't going to 'age' on you as some of the others out there will.

I encourage you to at least take a look at what no-money-business has to offer. It is definetly in the top of its class!

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