Friday, December 26, 2008

“Motion does not equal progress”

Oh so very true.

The first thing that comes to mind is trying to get around during the current snow storm here in Vancouver. There are some people who can drive in it and others who simply don’t have a clue. I’m some where in between, but I’m a pretty good judge of when to find alternate means of transportation.

Spinning tires, rocking inches back and forth, skidding, sliding, even being towed; all have a lot of motion going on, but there is no progress happening. None of those things are really going to help you get to your destination quickly.

Think about the same thing when it comes to your efforts. You only have some much time in the day, and so much effort you can exert. Where are you going to focus that energy to be the most effective and productive?

I think too few people take the time to figure out how to track the success of something. Having your own rule stick helps, however, you can find many different measuring sticks out there just by searching. Whether its CTR, CPA, ROI, etc… figure it out so you can save yourself time.

The extra time it takes to add a tracking code to a link, or pixel tracking to an image can really help you. When your campaign is up – it takes seconds to hit the repeat button. A fraction of the time it would take to make a new campaign from scratch.

Yes, this is targeted more towards PPC advertising, but the optimization of anything that is clickable makes this relevant. Don’t throw your money away by running an un-successful campaign over and over. Maximize your dollars with tools that are converting for you, and converting well! Don’t be shy to cut something that is converting at a very high CPA. Your money is better spent elsewhere!

In the world of e-commerce, saying there are “millions of products,” is a huge understatement. Go out and try something different. Each campaign will give you a better understanding of what people want/need and what they are willing to pay for them. Walmart makes money because they use that strategy. It might not be cool to work at Walmart, or sell what is carried at Walmart, but I would love to own Walmart! Wouldn’t you? They make billions by selling entry level products with a low margin.

Think about what you can do to optimize your time like you would optimize your campaigns. If you can push repeat on one successful thing you do, it will free up more time than you think! Keep doing it over and over: that’s how the top affiliates can double their salary in 2 hrs a day!

Best of wealth

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