Monday, November 23, 2009

A to Z of Success - T is for Time Management

T – Time-Management. Continuing from yesterday, keep a balance and be hands on, but don’t let your time be eaten up with day-to-day tasks that could be automated or managed by someone else. As you continue to learn, teach your team so any of them could fill in for you. The more respectable position a leader can be in is leading other leaders. Although this sounds like this could be “L is for Leadership” it truly will help with your time management.

Outside of your project and responsibilities, keep your life some-what balanced so you can breathe easier. Everyone around you will be relieved to see you out of the office and getting some quality “me” time. As much as you can feel fulfilled each day, don’t run ragged over making your business work and thrive. Keep up the pace, but never forget how to unwind.

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