Monday, November 9, 2009

A to Z of Success - G is for Goals

G – Goals. It seems like everything reverts back to goals. While writing this A-Z list, goals, keeps coming up. I can’t help but touch on it again. My favourite story about this is the guy on the highway passing all the cars, and his wife in the passenger seat asks, “Where are we going?” He simply replies, “I’m not sure, but we’re making great time.”

Too often we get caught in the day to day tasks that seem so important when we are engulfed in them, but stepping back, we are that driver, going no where fast. How do the things you do relate to your goal at hand?

What is your goal – once established, keep it directly in front of you and refresh it when necessary. Once you’ve achieved your goal – what’s next – start the process over again. New Goal – new criteria to accomplish it.

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