Thursday, November 19, 2009

Life's Luxuries - Go Get 'Em

Do you want to be the next person to be Livin' Large?

How about that new car with the $100,000+ price tag? The million dollar house... The list is endless. I can remember the first time I saw a Rolex.

We're surrounded by luxury! Yet most people either never get their hands on it, or rack up a lot of debt getting those saught-after possessions.

Lets take simple principles to solve this equation:

J. Paul Getty, one of the richest people of his time, said, "I would rather earn $1 from 100 people working, than $100 from myself."

Sounds like more work, right? I mean 100 people? Thats a lot: but you have tools to reach those 100 people. And what about if you get sick, or want to take a day off? If you are getting that $100 from yourself - you don't get paid. Not very nice situation - I would like more time to do exactly what I choose to do. Don't you feel the same?

Lets look at building that 100 database of customers. Workers - you can do it simply through affiliate programs. The tools are incredible. Take AdWords for example, it gives you a controlled reach of millions of searches each day!

What about harnessing the customers and getting paid off their hits? Done.

Get infront of the customer so he/she has to use your portal. Yes, it can seem a little scary to literally be infront of a mass of people, but even as a beginner, you'll be able to handle it.

Take the road less people have travelled, build your empire through affiliate marketing, step by step.

The time you will save in the long run is well worth the effort. If i invest 1hr per day, I'm confident it will equal at least 1 day of free time in the future. I'm interested in working more with everyone who this really appeals to. Contact me for more info on building your affiliate network and making it residual.

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