Saturday, January 31, 2009

Serve the MASSES!

"Serve the masses and you will live with the classes.". That rings true with most businesses. The bigger demographic you have to serve, the larger your business will become.

Here's the winner online: People Search. The highest search query through out all the search engines is people. Whether its finding an old classmate, contact info for a business person, or checking up on someone you're about to hire; people are the #1 searched term.

So how do you take advantage of this huge trend online? Simple, with your own People Search Engine. A concept that was totally new to me has now become my favorite way to generate affiliate income. Starting up your own People Search is easier than you might think. Check this page out; it was my first introduction to People Search and I'm glad I took the time to read through it.

I got the search engine set up, all the affiliates tied into it, bought the web domain, and here it is, Lightning-Search! All the steps were simple to follow, and by the time you've reached step 3 you're good to go!

Tissa is a powerhouse in the affiliate world, and is accessible for guidance. That was a huge selling point for me, as I am much more comfortable knowing I can get in touch with someone who has walked the walk and lead me down the road to success.

Take a look, if you have questions, drop me an email:

Best of wealth!

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