Thursday, March 5, 2009


We've just launched our Twitter Account, and we'd like you to follow us. Why? Here's the short of it, through our eyes.

Twitter is a simple way for us to spread the word out to our database (followers) and keep in the loop (instantly-literally) with the people we subscribe or follow.

In 140 characters, less characters than a text message, you inform or tweet to your followers. In most cases is friends, but it turns out to be who ever is online and listening.

Why is this valuable?
What's different from other social networks?

Simple - its FULL of people looking for income generation online. You always need people. Some one has to participate, use or buy your product/service or subscribe in order for you to make money. That's why Bill Gates buys subscriber bases like hotmail, live, cash-back, etc. Twitter is a subscriber base and its FREE!

Of course you have to do your part as well... Adding those updates and making your page valuable for people to follow.

We'll keep this Twitter case study going as we continue to TWEET. Follow us:

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